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Secure messaging. Location tracking. Geospatial intelligence.

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Communicate Instantly

Never swap phone numbers again. Group messaging inside your own private, secure environment. Optimized for your team on the move.

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Identify Communication Breakdowns  
Knowing your group message has been sent is never enough. That's why every message includes confirmation it has been delivered and seen for every recipient individually and quick access to their information so you can make decisions faster.

Reliable and Secure
Unlike iMessage, Whatsapp or other consumer messengers, Sensimob was designed from the ground up for your critical communication. Built on the back of wire-line protocols for the financial industry, you can be confident that every message will reach its destination - and stay private every step of the way.

Complete Message History    Pro
The only messenger that lets you monitor, control and archive every chat in your organization. Identify and resolve conflicts, learn from mistakes and protect against lawsuits.

Right Person, Right Place

Know where your employees are at all times with up-to-the-minute tracking of your entire team. Monitor location with gps, cell-tower and indoor technologies.

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Operate Efficiently
Take the pain out of finding the right person for the job. Dispatch specialists and responders based on their current location, not by who picks up the phone first.

Reduce Supervision Costs
How much are you spending just verifying your team is on task? Quickly impact the bottom-line by reducing or eliminating site-visits. Looking to grow? Scale your workforce without increasing your supervisory team.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention
By the time your customers complain about an absent, tardy, or delinquent employee the damage is already done. Tracking provides you with the tools and data you need to deliver on your service agreements.

Historical Location Reports    Pro
Verify positions over time. Use internally to analyze routines, show to customers to demonstrate job completion, or provide to insurance and authorities to protect yourself against liability claims.

Focus on What Matters

Check-ins and Alerts keep you informed of your team's activities. Automatic, location-based actions streamline operations and drive accountability.

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Get Updated  
With just a touch of a button your team can send you a Check-In with their location on a map and a message describing their activity.

Keep Employees Safe
Teams operating in hazardous environments? Alerts include a countdown timer which sends an alert message after a preset or user-defined period, informing you instantly in an emergency.

Instant Accountability  
Get notified of your team's movements by creating "geo-fences," which send you a message when your team has entered or exited a user-defined polygon area.

Automate Anything Pro
Create more complex business rules integrating time, date or other inputs to automate your operations. Connect location-based triggers to custom text messages, alerts or existing third-party systems.

Better, Faster Forms Pro

Eliminate paper forms and data-entry errors by switching to custom digital forms.

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Save Time
Provide your team with a simple and quick alternative to time-consuming, manual paper forms. User, date, time and location are attached automatically and fields can be shown based on these or other user-defined contexts. Upon submission, form data is instantly sent to your email, phone or web dashboard.

Reduce Errors
Available check-boxes and pick-lists eliminate opportunities for misinformation. Automatic attachment of meta-data reduces typical, error-prone fields and ensures the accuracy of your collected information.

Get Proof
Photo attachments allow for visual confirmation of job and task completion or serve as supporting documentation for collected data.

Dynamic Geospatial Data Pro

Real-time critical location information, in the palm of your hand. Full Esri ArcGIS integration.

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Empower Your Team
Display virtually any point data layer like staging areas, emergency locations or territories to support operations. Turn on or off by hand or automatically based on your chosen context or custom rules.

Understand Your World
Maps can be quickly enriched with census, demographic or other geospatial information to add context and support data driven decision-making.

Take ArcGIS into the Field
Sensimob integrates directly with all your existing ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS Online deployments, streaming data seamlessly to and from your operational dashboards on standard Feature Services. Existing ArcGIS Collector forms can be displayed and edited, no modification required.


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